the real

I am here to capture the real, the day as it is. I don't shoot to create a day that wasn't there. Too much of the time brides are worried about their veil being laid ever so perfectly in front of their dress. So scared about the possibility of rain on their wedding day. So incredibly stressed out that a bug made its way in-between the lace of the dress. LADIES. Sweet, sweet ladies. Those things do not matter. Your day is going to be the most beautiful and authentic day...the photos should be the same way.

the lovely

What gives ME joy is seeing that YOU are full of joy the entire session. As someone who is unbelievably empathetic and cognizant of others feelings, I am aware of what is really working and clicking on shoots, and then also what some people might not be the biggest fan of. I love figuring out the dichotomy of getting you out of your comfort zone while also respecting what everyone is comfortable with on a shoot.

...but you know I will be encouraging us to get goofy and have fun...

the authentic

I don't give poses. I don't tell you to stand, tilt your head, look at me, smile. I propose prompts that provide the ability to be who you two are together, authentically. Do I have go-to prompts for my couples? Yes absolutely. But each couple takes my prompts in a different way considering their personalities and relationship. This provides the unique qualities in photos that make them ever so sweet and ever so much yours.