My fiancé and I are really awkward taking photos, will you tell us what to do?

Friend! You have NOTHING to worry about. You won't believe this, but every single one of my couples has said this to me before the shoot. Afterwards however, they could not be more ecstatic with how much fun they had and how comfortable they were the entire time. I bring music, we dance, we laugh, we spin in circles, you guys cuddle, and I get all the real, authentic moments.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I am based in Arizona, however, wherever you want to adventure, I will be there! You want to do a couple session at the waterfalls of Jim Thorpe? I have my hiking boots on already. You want to have an elopement on the beaches of Florida at sunrise? My flight is already booked. Let's adventure together!

Do you charge for Travel?

Yes, I charge .50 cents per mile for hourly sessions as well as weddings. For longer travel please send me a message and we can talk details!

When will we get our photos?

For hour long sessions, 2-3 weeks. For weddings, 1-2 months.

How many pictures will we receive?

For weddings, see packages for estimated amount of photos you will receive. For hour sessions you receive around 150 fully edited photos for you to choose your favorites from. This is a LOT more than other photographers do. Other photographers provide only 20-25 photos for an hour session on average. I don't like putting a limit on photos I send. I like you to have as many options as possible. You paid good money for this session! I want you to be absolutely over the moon with how much you received during your session. Basically, if there is a lovely photo of you, you bet I'm going to send it to you.

Do you have a second shooter?

Yes, my husband has been shooting with me for 4 years now. He is the life of the party, makes everyone laugh and keeps things fun while also taking the most bomb dancing photos.

Do you have go-to spots for couple sessions?

I have a LONG list of my favorite spots to shoot at that I can send you a list of. If you all have a special spot that you either met at, want to visit, or have always dreamed of visiting PLEASE let me know and we will shoot there! I am ALL about exploring new places with my couples and for portraits!

After the shoot will we have access to all of the photos or have to choose individual ones for purchase?

I do NOT sell photos after the fact. Pretty much every photo that I take that is a lovely photo of you, I will send to you, fully edited. You paid good money for these sessions! I want to treat you to every photo I have that you may like!

Do you offer albums and prints?

Absolutely! I work with the most amazing company called Red Tree Albums and they create true works of art. Shoot me a message if you want to order an album through me!